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9:00 A.M.



Proposed Consent Agenda


C-1.    Consideration of Applications from Georgia Network Operations Company, LLC for Certificates of Authority to provide: 
            (a)      DOCKET NO. 41254: Facilities-based Local Exchange
                        Telecommunications Services to business customers in the
                        AT&T Georgia, Windstream and Tier II exchanges
(b)      DOCKET NO. 41255: Construct or Operate Telephone Line
                        Plant or System

(Dorothy Buckner)


C-2.    Consideration of Proposed Tariff Revisions filed by TDS Telecom® for Authority to grandfather a portion of the Security Line DSL Market B bundle  in its General Exchange Tariff for:
            (a)      DOCKET NO. 41150:          Blue Ridge Telephone Company
(b)      DOCKET NO. 41151:          Nelson Ball Ground Telephone
(c)       DOCKET NO. 41153:          Camden Telephone Company

(Leon Bowles, Dorothy Buckner)



Proposed Regular Agenda



R-1.     DOCKET NO. 18870: Institutional Telecommunications Services: Consideration of Staff’s Recommendation. (Leon Bowles, Dan Walsh)




9:00 A.M.



Proposed Consent Agenda



Note:  The total civil penalties assessed for Item C-1 below are $70,000.  Of these assessed penalties, $62,500 can be mitigated with attendance at Commission approved damage prevention training, leaving a remainder of $7,500 in assessed civil penalties payable to the Commission for ultimate remittance to the State Treasury.


C-1.    Consideration of Commission Approval of Signed Consent Agreements in resolution of the following GUFPA violations:

            (a)      DOCKET NO.
41136: Brent Scarbrough & Company, Inc.;
                        GUFPA Case No. 17-05250; O.C.G.A. §§ 25-9-8(a), 25-9-8(b);

            (b)      DOCKET NO.
41169: Dallas North Lawn & Sprinkler, Inc.; GUFPA
                        Case No. 16-02234; O.C.G.A. §§ 25-9-8(a), 25-9-8(b);

            (c)       DOCKET NO.
41173: Allied Paving Contractors, Inc.; GUFPA
                        Case No. 16-01629; O.C.G.A. § 25-9-6(a); $5,000/$4,500  

            (d)      DOCKET NO
41188: Pristine Lawn Care and Landscape
                        Services, L.L.C.
; GUFPA Case No. 16-00606; O.C.G.A. § 25-9-
                        6(c); $2,500/$2,000  

            (e)       DOCKET NO.
41190: Larkin Electric Contractors; GUFPA Case
                        No. 16-00593; O.C.G.A. §§ 25-9-6(a), 25-9-8(e); $10,000/$9,500

            (f)        DOCKET NO.
41214: Affordable Remodeling & Handyman
                        Services, Inc.
; GUFPA Case No. 17-05355; O.C.G.A. §§ 25-9-
                        6(a), 25-9-8(e); $10,000/$9,500

            (g)      DOCKET NO.
41220: A-1 Septic and Environmental Services;
                        GUFPA Case No. 17-05353; O.C.G.A. §§ 25-9-6(a), 25-9-8(e);

            (h)       DOCKET NO.
41231: Gainesville Mechanical Services, Inc.;
                        GUFPA Case No. 15-02588; O.C.G.A. § 25-9-6(a);

            (i)        DOCKET NO.
41234: All Better Plumbing, LLC; GUFPA Case No.
                        16-01067; O.C.G.A. § 25-9-6(a); $2,500/$2,500

            (j)        DOCKET NO.
41238: All Star Innovations, LLC; GUFPA Case No.
                        17-05445; O.C.G.A. § 25-9-6(a); $5,000/$4,000  

            (k)       DOCKET NO.
41266: Bolton Grading, Inc.; GUFPA Case No. 17-
                        05482; O.C.G.A. §§ 25-9-6(a), 25-9-8(e); $10,000/$8,000
(Yolanda Clay, Will Culbreath)





Proposed Regular Agenda    



R-1.       No items.




10:00 A.M.



Proposed Consent Agenda



C-1.    DOCKET NO. 38703: Regulated Provider of Natural Gas:  Consideration of SCANA Energy’s Twenty-First and Twenty-Second Requests for Universal Service Fund (“USF”) Disbursement. 
(Tara Surratt, Irma Ormeno)

C-2.    DOCKET NO. 29272: Supplemental Banks County-Wide Safety Plan; DOCKET NO. 29396: Application of Atlanta Gas Light Company for Amended Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for Banks County and DOCKET NO. 29385: Application of the City of Commerce for Distribution System Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity:  Consideration of Staff’s Recommendation to Grant Amended CWSP and Associated Certificates. (Janey Chauvet, Kelli Cole)





Proposed Regular Agenda



R-1.     No items.



 June 29, 2017





A.           Request approval for out-of-state travel for Michelle Thebert to attend the 2017 NAPSR Eastern Regional meeting in Boston, MA. Topic of interest:  Ms. Thebert to present information on Georgia Pipeline Emergency Response Initiative (“GPERI”) during the region’s meeting. Presentation will highlight Georgia’s efforts of developing the program and discuss the statewide benefits to all parties. PHMSA has promoted the Georgia program in other states. The total estimated cost for this trip is $3,050 (includes registration fee, hotel and meals).  The “Federal Per Diem Rate” of $69 is used in the cost estimate for meals for subject trip as prescribed in the State Travel Policy and is found at  This trip will be principally federally funded through the Pipeline Safety reimbursement (to be charged to Unit 6).  Dates of travel:  August 20 through 25, 2017 (page 1).





A.           Request approval for out-of-state travel for Jamie Barber and Nick Cooper to attend the Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP) Southeast Summer Meeting in New Orleans, LA August 7 and 8, 2017.  The total estimated expenses for both of $1,507 will be paid pursuant to the October 11, 2016 MOU in Docket No. 40161, therefore leaving no direct cost to the state. (page 1)





A.                       Request approval of the minutes from the June 16, 2017, Administrative Session.


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